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"Learn How To Fill Your Calendar with 15  appointments weekly & Attract 5 New Clients Per Week with a Simple, Proven, 3 Step System"
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Learning the RIGHT WORDS TO SAY that attracts your clients and WHAT NOT TO SAY that makes them SAY NO to you is what make networking... work!

Would you like to learn how to attract your way to an unlimited number of new clients... without waiting for relationships to happen?   

Do you want to learn how to convert people you meet at networking events into paying  clients on the first one-on-one meeting you have with them?

Have you ever wondered why you are still struggling to make sales even after you have been to many networking events and built a ton of relationships?


Did you know that the average networker generates their first sale 6 months after they have built relationships with key referral partners?

That means, you will need to attend networking events every week for 6 months before you can expect to make your 1st sale from your efforts and networking referral partners. Why?  Because people won't refer you anyone if they don't know 100% that you can help their referrals with confidence. They need to know, like and trust you.  Most important, they need to know that YOU ARE COMPENTENT AND A PROFESSIONAL IN YOUR BUSINESS.  THIS IS THE BIG PROBLEM FOR MOST NETWORKERS. 

I don't know about you but my kids like to eat every day... so I can't wait
6 months to make sales... how about you?

So when you think about it like that, no wonder so many people are frustrated when it comes to actually making money from attending networking events.

BUT HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS. I use & teach 3 simple strategies that you can learn fast that when applied correctly, can help you convert many of the people that you meet when networking into Happy, Excited, Paying Clients for you.

So I broke down the "Exact System" I used to become one of the top sales and network marketing trainers in the world.  I am the Coaches Coach and I want you to learn what I learned in a simple, fast and effect way so you can grow your businesses and take care of your family.

You will learn the exact steps that I teach my 1 on 1 coaching clients which have created hundreds of success stories. You can have access to the most detailed but simple training system in the networking industry. 


I will teach you my very advance formula that I have used to generate 14 appointments at one networking event and generated 22k in my bank account in 24 hours 100% cold marketing networking.


This simple, The 3 Step Networking
Lead Conversion System, is a step-by-step conversion strategy that will help you attract your ideal clients at anytime, from any networking event or social media plaform without spending a dime in marketing.  

I will hold your hand and walk you through the EXACT STEPS that I use everyday to make sales for my business and you will be able to to start making consistent sales in your business in record time.

You Will Learn The Right Words to Say  Because
"Your Words Matter!"

  • How to Grow Your Team and Get Your Distributors to Stay With You Long Term Without Quitting.
  • ​What to Say to Fill Your Calendar with 5 to 20 Appointments with Your Target Audience Per Week.
  • An Advanced Technique to Answer the Question, “What Do You Do?” (Not an Elevator Pitch or 30 Second Commercial)
  • ​​​18 Lead Generation Strategies To Find Your Ideal Clients
  • ​​What to Say to Convert Cold Leads from Networking or Social Media into Hot Prospects
  • What to Say to Effectively Invite People to Meet With You or To Your Events
  • ​What to Say to Get Your Prospects to Show Up to Your Appointments Without Follow Up Calls
  • ​30+ Best Worldwide Online Networking Groups
  • ​​What to Say to Get Your Prospects to Say YES I Want Your Products or Services Immediately
  • ​​​What to Say to Ask for the Sale Without Pressure
  • ​​What to Say to Get Powerful Testimonials Videos
  • ​​What to Say to Create an Effective Presentation that Gets People to Want to Work With You Immediately
  • ​What to Say to Ask & Receive Lots Of Referrals from Existing Clients and Networking Partners
  • ​And Much, Much More...

100% Money Back - NO RISK Guarantee!

100% Money Back - NO RISK Guarantee!

What Do People Say About Stephen's Training?

Sales Reps and Companies Stephen Has Trained

What My Raving Fans Say...
Sharon Valenti
You can finally be In control of how many sales PER WEEK, you want to make in your business!

Sharon learned more in her coaching sessions with Stephen than she did with her other 4 coaches combined.
Nigel Dix
I have learned how to answer the most difficult question for online networkers to learn.... What Do You Do?

Nigel said that this ONE technique that he learned from Stephen's Training changed his business forever.
Brad Cobb
Sales veteran has 30 year experienced in business and went through Stephen's training.

Brad will explain to you why he believes Stephen is one of the best trainers in the industry.
Andrea Langer
Top Producer in her network marketing company hired Stephen to train and coach her leaders in her team.

Andrea will share why she did it and her results.
The 3 Step Networking
Lead Conversion System
Here's What My Happy Clients Say...
Clinton Young - Speaker, Trainer, Coach
“Stephen Gregg is the REAL DEAL. His vast business experience and knowledge base in the industry of sales and network marketing makes him a highly sought after trainer.

Stephen is masterful in his down to earth training style that leverages his ability to share real life experiences.

I have gone through 30+ of Stephen’s training and every single time I walked out inspired, with fresh insights, new skills and useful tools to immediately implement in my business.”
CHELEY MCNEELEY - Entrepreneur
grown a lot in 20 years, but there was something about how YOU made me think... and believe in myself... and try. It's not that I wasn't able to talk to strangers (my husband says I can make friends with burlap. LOL)

But your training showed me a way to do things, start conversations, and build relationships in a way I'd never experienced before. I used to think I was afraid of failure - and that's what kept me stagnant. But what you made me realize is that I was afraid of success.

I'm a 62 year old work in progress. I haven't "arrived" - but I'm finally willing to move the boulder out of the road and reach for the stars. Thank you for being one of the gifts on the other side of the rock. "
Pierre Gard - Entrepreneur
Hi Stephen , my name is Pierre Gärd and I live in Sweden.

I have been in network marketing for 20 years now in ACN and Kyäni and this is by far the best material I ever have seen, and the way you present it is very easy to follow so it will be very easy to duplicate.

I’m going through your training with my new company for the moment with 5 of my leaders here in Sweden and more is on the way to start right now.

We just love the training and we will start to use it for our team in the future.
Here's Everything You Get...
Unlock The 3 Step Networking Conversion Videos Training Series
A Simple, Step by Step lead conversion, personal coaching videos series that gives you through the exact words that gets people to book appointments in your calendar all the way to closing the sale on auto pilot! ($3000 Value)
You'll Have Access to the Network Marketing, Duplicatable Training System for Distributors to Build Your Team
This is the Most Advanced Network Marketing Training system to help you understand how to grow your team to 6 or 7 figures and develop leaders fast. 

You will be involved in a Virtual recorded workshop but you will feel like it's a live workshop for you.  There is Nothing like this in the industry.,  ($2000 Value)
Worldwide Online Networking List
You will have the most extensive list of online and offline networking events so you can brand yourself as an expert in your industry, never run out hot prospects & generate tons of sales. (Priceless)
Learn What Motivates Clients to Buy FromYou.
You'll get a FREE Personality Sales Assessment so you can discover what motivates your clients to take action and buy from you so you can have more energy and passion to create the business, life, and relationships you desire.($100 Value)


Claim Your Free Gift With Your Order!

Because you are my new customer, when you join 3 Step Networking Lead Conversion System today, we will also throw in this additional bonus at
no additional charge.

Downloadable Audios of the Training for You to Listen On Your Mobile Phone
($1000 Value)

I know you are on the go so we turned our videos into downloadable audios so you can have them on your mobile phone and take the training system with you.

Lifetime Membership
Networking Conversion System
One time - $297.00 + $39Monthly

Get it Now - Limited Time Offer Will End Soon

  • 3 Step Networking Video Training Series               ($3,000 Value)
  • ​Business Sales Accelerator Training Class             (2,000 Value)
  • ​Audio Downloads of the Videos                                ($1,000 Value)
  • My Personal List of Marketing Tools                       ($300 Value)
  • Networking Script Cheat Sheet                                 ($30 Value)
  • ​Worldwide Networking List                                        (Priceless)

                                                                                                $6,300 Value          

Special Unbelievable Price
 $297.00 One Payment $0 Monthly

Join Now and Tell Your Team.  This Price Will Not Last Long...

My NO RISK Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely fall in love with this simple, easy to use system. In fact...

Once you go through all of the training modules, if you don't believe it was worth 10 times your investment, I'll send back every penny you paid.
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